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By Presidential Decree of the 12th of February 2009 (Decree 2009-030/PRE) the Article 1 states:

« Without prejudice of controls provided by the regulations in force, it is initiated a control of the services regarding the security and the protection of the ships and the crews which are supplied or offered by various operators from the territory of the Republic of Djibouti in order to work in international waters (Red Sea-Indian Ocean Gulf of Aden)»

Regarding the Licence the Article 2 states :

« The service providers regarding the security and the maritime protection must, previous to begin with their operations in the country, obtain a license and for various operations involving the safety or the security obtain the permits provided by the national regulation. »

The Article 3 describes the operations concerned :

« The Article 3 describes the operations concerned : Control and authorisation of temporary transit of the weapons on the national territory; Escort of the naval forces, police officers and national coast guards as far as the limit of the territorial waters;

Provision of boats or speedboats;
Temporary visas;
Maritime escort service;
Control of the communication systems;
Permits for rental or storage of weapons.»

The Article 4 defines the jurisdiction of the company DMSS :

« The applications for licences and authorizations concerning the operations provided by the Articles 2 and 3 will be with the high authority, the Presidency of the Republic and after advice of the company” Djibouti Maritime Security Services “which has the exclusive right to receive, investigate and record the applications for licences.»